THE JORDAN: PART 3 - 1.18.2015

IMMANUEL - GOD WITH US: PART 1 - 12.7.2014

"God With Us" not only prophesied Jesus coming to Earth,  but also promises a new abundant life in Him for us today.

IMMANUEL - GOD WITH US: PART 4 - 12.28.2014

As the idols of today's culture grow bigger, we can stand without bowing, knowing nothing can separate us from god. Hi is with us no matter how hot the fire gets.

We have to ready what is on the inside (our character) in order to cross into the calling God has set for us.

THE JORDAN: PART 2 - 1.11.2015

The only way to successfully cross into the promise land is by following the Holy Spirit as He leads.

Just as Rahab heard and believed the news about God, we must also be ready to hear, not just listen, to what He tells us.

THE JORDAN: PART 5 - 2.1.2015

It isn't enough to just cross into our promise land: we must be ready to help our brothers and sisters cross their Jordan too.

THE NAME OF JESUS: PART 1 - 2.8.2015

Jesus' name is a reminder of everything He did and is doing for us. When we confess it, all the power in Heaven comes with it.

THE NAME OF JESUS: PART 2 - 2.15.2015

The power in the name of Jesus comes straight from the throneroom of God, where He ascended after His death and resurrection and where He makes your prayers known to God.

HEART OF FLESH - 3.8.2015

It's easy for a heart of stone to turn away from God in times of trouble, but He gives us a heart of flesh to refocus on Him, because He is bigger than any trouble we face.

TO THE UPPER ROOM - 3.15.2015

Just like the disciples in the upper room, we're praying and waiting for a renewed filling, because the difference in growing a church and growing the church is the Holy Spirit.


The powerful Spirit that raised Jesus from the grave is the same one that can resurrect your life.


Jesus' resurrection fulfilled the law so we can live free in His grace instead of in bondage to the law of Moses.

ISAIAH 53 - 4.26.2015

When Jesus died, God swore that He would no longer be mad at us, freeing us to live in His grace.

NEHEMIAH 8 - 5.17.2015

The joy of the Lord is found when people are wiling to hear His word.


Knowing our inheritance is an incorruptible salvation that gives us the power to live a holy life in His grace.



The power of perseverance is what gets us through the time of testing and from glory to glory.