Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for giving your life for me. Thank You for taking my sin and shame upon the cross. Father I believe in You. I believe that You died on the cross to take the punishment for my sins.  Today I turn away from my sins and old life and dedicate my life to follow You. Please come into my heart and change my life. I need Your grace to forgive me. I need Your love to change me from the inside out. I receive your gift of the Holy Spirit and the promise of eternal life spent with you. You now live in me. I will trust you as my Lord and Savior for the rest of my days. Thank You for Your amazing love God. I will now live each day for You, bringing glory to Your name and influencing this world with your Your incredible love.

In Jesus name, Amen.

Welcome to the family of God! If you prayed this prayer, we would love to celebrate your new life with you! Let us know here!

Ready for the next step?

Find a church home and get connected. If it's here at Lifesong, welcome!! Also, get a Bible read God's word daily. It is food for the soul and will help you on your daily walk with Christ