Part of Lifesong's vision is to support missionaries in all nations.

With the launch of R4 - discipleship & missions based small group - Lifesong is living out the vision of supporting and sending missionaries. To go out into the world, both near and far, and share the gospel of Jesus with love and compassion for all people is essential to fulfill the mandate God has placed upon His children and see many lives saved and forever changed.

Saving Moses

We have been partnering with Saving Moses since January 2015, in prayer, financial sowing, and partnering with them in their global mission of NightCare. This global humanitarian organization meets the most urgent and intense survival needs of infants and toddlers where help is least available.

We sent our first Lifesong Missionary Team to support and partner with Saving Moses for their 2016 Storyteller Cambodia trip to their NightCare Centers and local neighborhoods of Phnom Phen. We plan to continue our partnership in 2017.

At the NightCare Centers, Saving Moses cares for the little ones of sex workers as they go work. These young lives matter to the kingdom of God and to us. By pouring out love, hope, and life into every little one that comes through the center establishes the love of Christ that will continue to grow and break the cycle of sex work.  

During the trip, our team was assigned to a specific NightCare center. Our team spent a majority of their time in the nearby neighborhoods and NightCare center developing relationships with mothers, infants & toddlers and staff while beautifying the center by painting, cleaning and decorating. By doing so, Christ's heart for the lost is alive within each person sent out, His love and grace is shared with His creation, hope is restored and lives are forever changed because of selfless sacrifice and genuine love.

"In Cambodia, we desire to break the cycle of sex work by encouraging a hopeful worldview during the babies’ most vulnerable and formative years. Our mission is to protect babies while allowing them to experience a childhood full of joy and innocence," Saving Moses.

Our team was blessed to witness firsthand the need of NightCare in the roughest of places and be the heart, hands and feet of Jesus to everyone they met. They took care of the little ones inside of NightCare and visited where they lived outside of it. They prayed with the mothers and sang over their children. Our team was able to help several centers and impact many lives during this trip! We pray the seeds that were planted will be blessed and grow in the light of Christ.

The 2017 Storyteller Trip with Saving Moses is a few short months away. Our team is preparing to return to Cambodia, expand their team numbers, and deposit the love of Christ with the people of Cambodia. If you would like to join our Lifesong Missions Team to Cambodia, please find LeAndra Doss for more information on how to join. If you would like to sow into our Lifesong Missions Team, you may do so here. You can sow into the Lifesong Missions Team as a whole or to individual missionaries via the drop menu. All gifts and donations are tax deductible.