At Lifesong we believe in sending out and supporting missionaries in ALL nations. Living out the gospel and pouring out unconditional love to ALL of God's children is important to help others experience God's love and freedom whether it is domestic missions and outreach or a foreign country and overseas or even in your own sphere of influence.

We support those who give their all to fulfill the great commission in both prayer and financial support. Because you give, lives all over the world, including those in your home town, are being touched by the gospel and His great love. Thank you for giving unto the Lord and sowing into countless lives all over!

We are called to be world changers. Let's change our world together, restore hope to the hopeless, spread love to the unlovable and befriend the friendless.




Saturday, November 4th /// Dinner Shift 4:45 PM - 7:30 PM

Address: 2222 Lawrence St, Denver CO 80205

Parking: We have a private parking lot at the southwest end of the building for volunteer parking.

** You must be 14 years or older to volunteer. No exceptions

***You must wear jeans, close toed shoes, and modest shirts. Clothing appropriate for meal service and kitchen work.

To volunteer, please email us here with your name, phone number, which date you'd like to volunteer & how many spots you will need. Or sign up at our Missions Table on Sunday.