A place of our own! That's right! Join s in our new venue for Lifesong Kids! It's out of this world cool!

If you have children who are in Kindergarten - 5th grade, Lifesong Kids is the place for them! They will experience family worship, Bible messages, activities, small groups, prayer and more.

Our heart for each child is based on building a strong relationship with God, discipling & nurturing Godly character, spiritual growth, faith and building a Godly foundation.

We believe there is nothing more important than building a Godly foundation within our children. When you begin to build a structure the most important part of that structure is a foundation. A foundation is the permanent support on which a structure is built. Even when buildings are torn down and rebuilt most often we will still use the same foundation as a starting point for a rebuild. In Lifesong Kids we recognize that a strong foundation will help establish children’s relationship with God, assist in building their life long moral character, and spiritual growth. We believe that the one true, and only strong foundation, is God. We work hard and seek God each week. We find fun, creative ways to help our children learn, and grasp who God is and why we believe in Him. We encourage, smile, laugh, play, and hug them to demonstrate God’s overwhelming love and desire to know each of them.

The best part is how excited the children are to come to Sunday school and learn about God. As you watch families come to church you can see the children running ahead of their parents full of anticipation for what they will experience in Lifesong Kids.


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